Sappada Dolomiti

Summer and winter tourist resort in the heart of the Dolomites


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"Piave" Nature Trail

Leaving the car at Cima Sappada, follow the provincial road of Val Sesis for about a kilometer, then on the left there is an indication of the path that goes down to the river.

The trail passes through the woods at times very close to the river, water holes and waterfalls. Fish can often be seen in pools of water.

It is an excellent solution to reach the Val Sesis refuges avoiding the traffic of the provincial road.

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Olbe lakes

They are beautiful lakes located in the north of the country on a plateau about 2200 meters high.

Several itineraries make it easy to reach them, the easiest for children is the one that starts from the Mountain Hut "2000", where you can get comfortably by chair lift, from here with little gradient you can reach the lakes in less than an hour.

Another very popular route starts from the Rododendro Mountain Hute, at an altitude of 1600 and with a comfortable track of the First World War, it reaches the lakes.

Much more scenic but also challenging is the route that from the center of Sappada passes through the Mountain Huts "Monte Ferro" and reaches the lakes, not suitable for children

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"Bellavista" hut - Cima Sappada

Leave the village of Cima Sappada, continue along the provincial road of Val Sesis for 500-600 meters, then on the right there is an indication of the path that leads to the Bellavista hut.

The path is comfortable even if it is sometimes quite steep, continues along the forest until you reach the top of the hill overlooking the village with a magnificent view.

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Sappada Rifugio Monte Ferro

It is a very comfortable excursion also suitable for children, with different routes all very simple.

Starting from the Borgata Lerpa you can go back to the old ski slope, which can also be used in winter on foot with or with snowshoes, in 30-40 minutes you arrive at the Mountan Hut located in a panoramic position.

For the descent you can opt for the itinerary that leads directly to the town center or to the schools.


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Miravalle Nature Trail

Starting from the schools of Sappada, the trail goes up for the first part along the road leading to the Sappada 2000 slopes. Climb the first part quite steep next to the cascades turn right and cross the slope that descends from Sappada 2000. The path continues in altitude along the upper part of the Sappada valley in the direction of Borgata Ecche.

From here on the whole path is at altitude passing through old barns and refurbished huts up to go down into the hamlet Ecche.

Before leaving the woods, it is possible to go up a stretch of very steep forest road that allows us to reach the Piani del Cristo Refuge in just one hour.


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Sappada Malga Tuglia

It is a non-demanding itinerary suitable for children too. From the square of the Monte Siera chairlift, drive along the right for about fifty meters to the state road 355 that goes down to Forni Avoltri, then take the wide forest road that enters the woods and goes up again slight slope up to meet the Rio Geu. Here the road becomes a narrow path, which after crossing two streams goes to cross the road that goes up from the valley floor. Here follow the road to the east and crossing some short tears you reach the Malga Tuglia